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Practical Training II

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​In these courses the students will be exposed to clinical cases where they can obtain information related to the history of the case and collecting information on the clinical signs and findings. Problem-solving skills and application of material from the basic science will also be applied. Selfdirected learning, developing good team work and interpersonal communication skills will also be emphasized. The student will be trained to use appropriate methods and techniques to reach clinical diagnosis. Blood, urine and tissue samples will be taken whenever needed to reach an accurate diagnosis. Appropriate treatment whether conservative or surgical will be carried out. The students will also be exposed to advance techniques and more diversified cases to broaden and upgrade their skills and background. All students will be trained mainly in the Veterinary Health Center and in specialized laboratories in the faculty. In addition to laboratory work, students specialized in food hygiene will be trained in slaughterhouses and in food factories. ​

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Practical Training II

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