February 27 /// The activities of the final competition for the HULT PRIZE were held at the Jordan University of Science and Technology today, Monday, which was organized by the Deanship of Student Affairs at the university in partnership with the Crown Prince Foundation, the College of International Trade "HULT" and the United Nations.
The Deanship of Student Affairs finished the semi-final qualifiers for the global Hultprize competition with the theme of fashion design on Thursday, 23/2/2023 in Salah El-Din stands under the auspices of Professor Dr. , Maysam Al-Atoum, Rosa Al-Maghariz, where 25 teams advanced and 15 of them qualified for the final qualifiers, so that one team qualifies for the regional stage and then the final in the world, which will be held on Monday, corresponding to 2/27 in the Ibn Sina Amphitheater under the auspices of the President of the University
The Deanship of Student Affairs, in cooperation with the "Techno Good" initiative and in partnership with student representatives in the university councils, intends to launch a winter clothing campaign to collect clothes for chaste families. The clothes will be collected in each of the following places: -Square internal mechanics. Internal Pharmacy Square. Library Square. Starting from Monday 2/1/2023 until Monday 9/1/2023 for one week At the end of the campaign, the clothes will be presented to the competent national authorities and associations, which will distribute them to the families and agencies eligible for support.
The Office of Career Guidance and Follow-up of Graduates announces King Abdullah II Fund for Development/ Deanship of Student Affairs And in cooperation with the Justice Center for Legal Aid About holding the free training workshop: Practicing professions from home This is on Wednesday, 11/24/2021 at 9 am For those wishing to attend the workshop, register on the following link
Hurry up and register 📢📢 In the I am participating program in the three stages of the new semester by scanning the link in the image or by clicking on the link below ⬇️⬇️ I Participate - Universities: An extracurricular program for Jordanian students in Jordanian universities and colleges. It is one of the programs of the Independent Election Commission, which is implemented through the Partnership Project (IPP). An effective and safe dialogue space, where the participating students engage in dialogue sessions for a full semester, with a one-hour weekly session, which corresponds to the spare time of the participating students in accordance with the academic schedule.
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