JUST Honors The Outstanding Research Faculty Members
20 Nov 2017

Jordan University of Science and Technology has honored a number of faculty members in various fields and distinguished them in a ceremony held at JUST for attracting large international projects from local and international research institutions between 2016/2017.

The president Prof. Omar Al-Jarrah acknowledged the faculty members for their outstanding research achievements, outstanding projects and patents which contributed to the advancement of the University and research. Prof. Al Jarrah considered this achievement fulfill with JUST vision of maintaining the prestigious research ranking of JUST in the region and the world.

The Outstanding Faculty Members are Prof. Mohamed El-Nemer, Prof. Youssef El Qaoud, Prof. Fahmy Abou El-Rub, Dr. Abeer Rababa, Dr. Hani Abu Qadis, Dr. Mohamed Jaradat, Dr. Anne Ghraibeh, Prof. Hassan Abdullatif, Prof. Awny El-Atoum, Dr. Omar El-Araideh Dr. Muhannad Al-Jarrah, Prof. Mohammad Al-Harahasha, Dr. Mohammad Nazzal, Prof. Ehab Abu Pasha, Dr. Ahmed Friwan, Prof. Karem Al-Zu'bi, Dr. Rehab Al-Duwairi, Dr. Yousif Al-Najjar and Dr. Wafa Bataina

At the end of the ceremony, which was attended by the Vice-Presidents and the Deans, Prof. Al-Jarrah distributed honorary medals to the distinguished researchers.