Five Professors of JUST Won Generous Grants from Scientific Research Support Fund
16 Nov 2017

The Deanship of Scientific Research is happy to announce and congratulate five professors at Jordan University of Science and Technology on their achievement in getting generous fund on their outstanding projects from the Scientific Research Support Fund for the second round of 2016.The professors are listed as below according to the amount of the fund:-


Duration(months)FieldFacultyAmountProfessor Name
24Applied Sciences and PharmacyPharmacy54440Prof. Karem Alzoubi
24Engineering and NanotechnologyEngineering43470Prof. Awni AlOtoom
24Applied Sciences and PharmacyApplied Medical Sciences32000Dr. Noor AlMortadi
35Applied Sciences and PharmacyPharmacy30800Dr. Nid''a AlAlshraiedeh
36Applied Sciences and PharmacyMedicine30160Dr. Abdullah AlZoubi

 We wish you the best of success with your research endeavours!