The Deanship of Research host a Clinical Training Week
18 May 2018

Jordan University of Science and Technology is first university on the Arab Peninsula to be selected to conduct studies on patients who have moderate sleep apnea with a shocking new genetic engineering procedure. The new procedure permanently opens the airway, without surgery and or drugs. Prof. Noor Al Mortadi interviewed the inventor, Prof. David Singh, DDSC, PhD, DMD, the chief medical officer of VIVOS, a US Corporation and persuaded him to conduct a workshop in Jordan and bring this potential life changing technology to the people of Jordan.

The Deanship of Research held on May a workshop entitled ''Introduction to Craniofacial Epigenetics and Pneumopedics'' supported by a grant from Scientific Research Support Fund.

In this Workshop, The research team was trained during the week of May 6 to 9. The team is excited to have this collaboration between USA and Jordan and the two Americans are hopeful about developing the application of this technology in the medical center of the Arab peninsula.

The workshop trained staff from JUST, including School of Applied Medical Sciences-Dental Technology (Principal Investigator Dr. Noor Al Mortadi), School of Dentistry and King Abdullah University Hospital /Medicine and Chemical Engineer Bruce Stevens.

At the end of the event, Deanship of Research presented a medallion to the Prof. Singh. Prof. Singh had present a book to the Library.​