Deanship of Research News on ENI proposals
06 Feb 2018

The ENI's call objective is to contribute to make the Mediterranean a more competitive, innovative, inclusive and sustainable area. Following the closure of its first call for proposals on 24th of January 2018, the summary of the submission process indicated that Jordan has submitted a total of 323 proposals (14 of which as lead applicants). This number represents about 12.2% of total 2540 proposals overall. Jordan University of Science and Technology has successfully submitted 56 projects (4 of which as lead applicants) through the Deanship of Research. Submitting as a lead applicant is not an easy task. Only 16% of lead applicants are of Mideterranean partner countries (such as Jordan) whereas the rest are from the EU Mideterranean Countries.


For the total number of Jordanian proposals either as lead applicants or partners, the total value of submitted proposals is 150.000.000 Euro. It is also reported that Jordanian proposals submitted from different organizations concerned with comprehensive wide range of interests. These interests reflect the following ENI priority areas:

1.1 - Innovative start-ups

1.2 - Euro-Mediterranean clusters

1.3 - Euro-Mediterranean clusters

2.1 - Tech. transfer and commercialization of research results

2.2 - SMEs access to innovation

3.1 - Employability of young people

3.2 - Support to social and solidarity actors

4.1 - Water efficiency

4.2 - Waste management

4.3 - Renewable energy and energy efficiency

4.4 - Integrated Coastal Zone Management


The first stage of the evaluation process, which includes the administrative check and the assessment of the relevance and quality of design of proposals, should start soon. Decisions should be announced following the decision of the Joint Monitoring Committee, expected to be announced in May 2018.


The Deanship of Research commends all JUST professors who participated in this round of ENI projects' submission and wish them the best of luck.