Call for video maker: MEDGAIMS project
29 Sep 2021

Jordan University of Science and Technology is seeking to hire a video maker for MED GAIMS project to produce videoe for the proejct and sites; Ajloun and Umm Qais.

An attractive, professional video presentation of 1-2 minutes will be made for each cultural heritage sites and games  (Ajloun and Umm Qais). Depending on whether physical or digital games at each site, these may take different formats, showing the games themselves and/or people playing them. Care will be taken to present also the site of the game and its surrounding destination and to ensure it is presented as an appealing invitation for tourists as well as a good example for destination managers and publicity for the game entrepreneurs that created it.

1.1               What to include in the videos

The proposals for video production will be assessed based on:

  • MED GAIMS: a quick narrative of the MED GAIMS project concept and partners involved.
  • Site promotion: the extent to which the proposed videos will promote the cultural heritage site. What is your proposed methodology that will best attract people to come and visit these three sites? Maybe have some interviews on the site, and film actors (families and visitors we want to attract) visiting the various areas in it.
  • The promotion of MED GAIMS objectives: the extent to which the proposed videos are expected to promote the objectives of MED GAIMS, namely:
    • Demonstrate the economic development, business and job creation potential of GAMIFICATION FOR TOURISM so as to encourage its strategic application across tourist segments, destinations and seasons.
    • Promotion of less-know touristic sites
    • To establish TRANSNATIONAL COOPERATIONS OF PUBLIC AND PRIVATE ACTORS for the joint development and linkage of gamification initiatives at tourist sites
    • To integrate effective gamification into PUBLIC STRATEGIES FOR DESTINATION MANAGEMENT for tourist destinations and ENCOURAGE PRIVATE ENTREPRENEURSHIP in these destinations' communities in order to diversify the tourism offer
    • To INCREASE TOURISM FLOWS, using gamification as an instrument to enhance and prolong the tourist experience, in particular where this is most needed, off season and at less known sites
    • Games and application in each site
  • The promotion of the gamified experiences themselves: how successful are the proposed gamified experiences in Jordan in realizing the MED GAIMS objectives (previous list). Also, how playable are the experiences, how fun are they, and how much do the contribute to the learning experience at each site. Do the games strike the right balance between the amount of playability and amount of learning? Again, here you could film visitors enjoying themselves playing games at the sites and expressing their joy.
  • The potential for business startup: less importantly, can the videos suggest to entrepreneurs the value of creating a startup in gamification of cultural heritage experiences.  Maybe include an interview with one of the sub-grantees.

The expert shall refer to these listed objectives, but the list is not intended to be exhaustive for the specific characteristics of the project. The video makers might decide to aim for additional outcomes in their videos based on their previous experience as well as the characteristics of each site.

Applicants should send their application and profile to:

Tel: +962772049713​