Funded Projects

Community detection in multilayer networks. (2020)
Esraa Mustafa Al Sharoa
Students' perception and experience of remote online exams during COVID-19 pandemic (2020)
NOSAYBA ZAKARIYA ALAZZAM, Nail Abdullah Obeidat, Lina Mohammed Suhail Elsalem, Ahmad Abdel Halim Jum''ah
Diagnosing and Monitoring of Peripheral Arterial Disease in the Lower Extremities using Dynamic Diffuse Optical Tomography (2020)
Rabah Mohammed Al Abdi, Nesreen Abdullah Saadeh, Heba Hesham Hijazi, Nabil Ali Al-Zoubi
Parenting stress and children with cerebral palsy: Middle East cross-sectional survey (2020)
Hikmat Moh'd Hadoush
An Evaluation of smartphone applications for sleep tracker and behavioral change (2020)
Sayer Ibrahim Al-Azzam, ANAN SADEQ JARAB