Funded Projects

Acinetobacter Bumanii ventriculo-peritoneal shunt infection in pediatrics : an institutional experience. (2024)
Amer Akram Jaradat, Sultan Mohammad Jarrar, Mohammad Ahmad Jamous, Moh''D Mah''D Al Barbarawi, Suleiman Shaheer Daoud
Developing a wearable device for Seizure monitoring and Seizure Suppression using non-Invasive Sensory Stimulation. (2024)
Yazan Mahmoud Al Dweiri
Evaluation of nasal septal deviation, maxillary bone volume and nasal airways dimensions and volumes in patients with buccal canine displacements: A cone-beam computed tomography (2024)
Elham Saleh Abu Alhaija
On Using Deep Transfer Learning in Detecting Sleep Spindles in EEG Waveform Images (2024)
Mohammad Amin Fraiwan
A comparison study for the determination of selected elements in edible fresh, dried and canned mushrooms in Jordan using Inductively Coupled Plasma/ Mass Spectrometry (2024)
Adnan Moh''D Massadeh