Funded Projects

Accuracy of Different Dental 3D Additive Technology Printers. (2022)
Khaled Qasem Al Hamad
Postnatal Depression and Social Support during COVID-19 Era among women in Jordan and the United States: A Comparative Study (2022)
Sawsan Hammad Abuhammad
Examining Health Disparities and Promoting Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention in Syrian and Afghan Refugee Women in the United States (2022)
Omar Falah Khabour
Computer Aided Diagnosis (CAD) System for Medical Images (2022)
Khaled Zayed Alawneh, Liqaa Abdulridha Raffee, Hiam Hamad Al Quran, Liqaa Abdulridha Raffee, Hiam Hamad Al Quran
Analytical Study of Gaseous Slip Flow in a Porous Two Dimensional Rectangular Microchannel Subjected to Inclined Magnetic Field (2022)
Khaleel Rasheed Al-khasawneh