King Abdullah University Hospital
April 27,28 2014 in Royal Hall
The First Jordanian-Australian Neurosurgical Conference 
& Spinal workshop on minimally invasive spine surgery                                   
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Dear colleagues,
         I would like to extend my cordial welcome to all speakers and participants of this marvelous meeting.  The concept of this meeting was born many years ago. I tried hard to make it true. All the difficulties we had in the past have, thankfully, vanished now. With all support of Professor. Abdullah Malkawi, the president, and Professor .Twefik Daradkeh, the dean, we have organized this meeting, with extreme hopes set to make it a great success. We are the organizing committee, sincerely grateful to the President and Dean for their continuous support and encouragement.
    I would like to express my great acknowledgment to my Australian mentors, who will be  among us. Dr. John Christie from John Hunter Hospital and Professor Michael Morgan from Royal North Shore Hospital and Macquarie university, and other great Australian doctors who couldn't  attend the conference, who were keen to make me  a skillful neurosurgeon and to  upgrade my  knowledge , surgical skills, self-confidence, build up my courage and positivity, that have helped me with my everyday life practice; and on top of that, they taught me how to help needy patients and to draw a smile on their faces. I learnt that there were no boundaries among human beings, and we are here to help humans and to ease their suffering.  I am ecstatic to tell you, with confidence, that your plants of principles have grown  and are being reflected on my patients and residency training program in this hospital. Through my hard work, and the skills I cultivated, I have established a neurosurgical system at KAUH very close to your tremendous one with exceptional and competitive  neurosurgical services, this is the inherited Australian traditions and standards.
        I can still recall the day when Professor Morgan asked me to clip 2 aneurysms out of 3 in a lady aged 70 years, with diffuse atherosclerosis. Although my hands were shaky, I did clip the aneurysms with the continuous encouragement, guidance and support of Professor Morgan, and from that day on, my career has changed, undoubtedly, in a positive way. from the bottom of my heart i would like to thank you. No wonder that you are one of  the pioneers and best vascular neurosurgeons not only in Australia but on the earth.  indeed,   the confedence was established initially when i worked with one of the best neurosurgeons , my mate, Dr. John Christie. I am grateful to his politness and kindness.
       we will be lucky to recieve one of the best  Australian brain suregeons  Prof. Teo who will be a valuble addition to the confernce and enrich it with his skills, as well as the young ambitious hard worker and highly skilled spine surgeon Dr. Darweesh Al Khawaja.    
     As a fact, Germany is pioneer in advanced in medicine across the globe and lots of neurosurgeons from every where seek training up there; many skillful Jordanian doctors have finished their training in Germany so that the training in there is well recognised ij Jordan.  we are pleased to see our Germany colleagues at KAUH, professor Peter Horn one of the best German brain surgeons  and Professor. Oertel ;  who will run a specialized spinal workshop on the minimally invasive spinal surgery,  which will be helpful to the participants alongside with Dr. Kanaan.
     I am also very grateful to all guests from Australia and Germany who will be adding remarkable touches to this important meeting and enrich this meeting with their high skills and researches.  they will add remarkable notes in brain and spine surgery.
    Non the less, we pay a tribute to the all Jordanian pioneers in neurosurgery who established milestones of neurosurgery in Jordan  and the upcoming  generations continued the inherited message with loyalty , some with us  and others gone away leaving behind them great inheritance,  they have magic touches in the development of neurosurgery in Jordan. Further details will be  presented by  his excellency professor. Walid Al Maani
     We are pledged to continue distributing this meaningful message to the next generations  and to build our country with love and peace. We welcome you all to Jordan, the land of peace and prophets, and wish you all a wonderful stay and memorable time. 
     I hope this will be the beginning of an extraordinary collaboration between our institutions.
Thank you all,
A.Prof. Mohammad Barbarawi
Chairman of the conference

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Dear Colleagues,

    I am really honored to co-chair this conference with A.Prof.Barbarawi,and I am delighted to be again in Jordan among my colleagues. 

    We are most fortunate to have a numerous high quality speakers , many with renowned  international reputations, who are not only exceptional surgeons but are excellent communicators and mentors.In particular we are delighted to warmly welcome our guests from Australia and  Germany for accepting the invitation and delivering the cutting edge updates in neurosurgery.

    Neurosurgery is very well established in Jordan, which has been a referral country for the whole Middle East area for many years. All the equipments and facilities you can think of are available, providing the most up to date diagnostic and therapeutic modalities. We had the  neuronavigation and stereotactic radiosurgery facility years before many of the western countries did.
With this large number of participants I believe this conference will be memorable, educational and non to be missed event.

    Being the first Neurosurgical conference organized by University of Science and Technology and King Abdullah University Hospital, we hope to meet your scientific and professional expectations and I wish everybody a pleasant and enjoyable  stay in Jordan.

Dr.Darweesh Al Khawaja

Co-Chairman of the conference