The First-Transboundary Hydro-Governance and SDG 6



The first workshop on transient water management and the sustainable development goals "The sixth goal of the United Nations General Assembly"
The President of the Jordan University of Science and Technology, Prof. Dr. Saeb Khreisat, inaugurated the activities of the first workshop on transboundary water management and sustainable development goals, in the presence of the Dean of Engineering, Prof.Suhail Kiwan from the University of Science and Technology, and Dr. Anna Elisa Cascao, the consultant between the GIZ and NBI organizations in the global water region And the advisor to the Palestinian Minister of Water, Dr., the Nile Basin, Dr. Zaitoun in the United Kingdom, and Mr. Fouad in the United Kingdom, and Mr. Fuad in the United Kingdom, Shadi Abdullah, a researcher and geologist at the University of Paris and the National Council for Scientific Research.
The workshop - which was held at the Center of Excellence for Innovative Projects in the Incubator (Attention) in Water Resources - comes as the water situation in the Middle East does not appear to be deteriorating due to the contempt of population and climate change factors. Technical zone infrastructure, knowledge of international water law, case studies and negotiation on environmental water and environmental risks.
The workshop is carried out under three purposeful axes: (1) Knowledge and tools necessary for the researcher. (2) Legal knowledge to assess international legal principles relevant to transboundary waters. (3) Skills required for assessment and discussions with colleagues from neighboring countries, regional counterparts and development in international water management.
The workshop was attended by a number of the relevant faculty members, department heads and university researchers, as the opening was held at the Al Karama runway, and training activities were completed over the course of two days 9-10 of February from the UNICEF Incubator Communities in

"Center of Excellence for Creative Projects."​