Refugee Learning Accelerator - mit media lab
18 Sep 2017

Who Can Apply

·  Computer scientists, electrical engineers and designers from Syria,** Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine, who want to use their tech skills to support refugee learners.

·  Ideal participants are the kind of people who are active on Stack Overflow, know their way around GitHub repositories, or have built things at a hackathon or two.

·  You must apply in a team of 2-5 people. If you don't have people to team up with head over to our Facebook Marketplace to find other prospective participants with complementary skills.

·  You must have a working knowledge of Arabic and English.

·  You must have a valid passport/travel documents. Successful participants will be invited to a workship in Amman or Beirut during the Prototype phase.

·  You don't need to have an idea to apply; the Ideate phase is designed to get you up to speed on what's already happening in the field of digital education for refugees and to help you start thinking about what your team might be able to contribute.


* The deadline was extended from Sept 10 to Sept 20 to better accomodate regional academic schedules. 
** Unfortunately we are unable to work with current residents of Syria; Syrians living elsewhere in the Middle East or abroad are eligible; for Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq or Palestine, applicants may be residents and/or citizens.

Please visit our FAQ page for answers to specific questions. 
If you don't meet these criteria and are still interested in supporting the project, please email