Campus Internet Bandwidth Increases to Match Technology Use
31 May 2018

​Due to the significant increase in the use of technology on campus, JUST's bandwidth has been increased from 325 Mbps to a 500 Mbps connection.

With the new agreement signed with JUNET on Sept. 2017, the Computer & Information Center has increased Internet bandwidth to handle the digital traffic that comes with the ever-increasing number of students and the devices they bring with them.

With the expanded coverage of wireless networks on Campus, the increased interest in eLearning and open educational resources, coupled with the increase in devices accessing the Internet, such as smartphones, laptops and tablets puts a strain on the Internet bandwidth. More devices accessing the Internet generally means the connection will be slower, and students will have to wait longer for their web pages to load. The computer and Information Center is committed to meet the increased the growing demand of Internet bandwidth to better serve JUST’s educational and research goals.

In addition, JUST has a backup line with capacity of 50Mbps to ensure continued service and to account for possible downtimes.