Campus Wifi Upgrade and Expansion
28 May 2018

The Information Technology & Communications Center (ITC) has completed a main project in Spring 2017 to cover all classrooms and auditoriums with Wifi. With the latest expansion, all administrative, academic and resident halls are equipped at some point and in some way to our computer network.  Mobile devices and the increased need for wireless connectivity is one of the fastest growing areas of technology in the world today.  Most students are bringing a laptop, tablet and smartphone to campus and expecting all of them to connect through our wireless network some of which simultaneously.  This growth has placed significant demand on our wireless network and increased coverage must occur to respond to these needs.

One of the university administration main goals is to provide state of the art technology in classrooms and to provide Internet connectivity in classroom in support of the university vision to facilitate online learning and interaction. The wireless coverage of classrooms in particular comes achieve this goal and to provide an ideal environment for teaching and learning.


There are currently 609 AP’s in the residence halls, classrooms, main squares and administrative buildings on campus.  The following chart shows our WiFi expansion on campus