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Reset password Activation

SSPR "Self-Service Password Reset" Activation

This feature enables users to reset their passwords without contacting IT staff for help.


The SSPR (Self-Service Password Reset) feature will be enabled on all JUST active accounts, so after you Sign into your e-mail, a login page appears (as shown below), click on "Next" button.


You will be prompted to configure alternate contacting method for resetting password:


- To setup (Phone) verification authentication method:
      - Choose your country code and insert your mobile phone number.    
      - Select "Text or Call" to get verification code. As shown below:



      - fill in the code and Click "Verify".


- To setup (Alternate Email) verification authentication method:

      - fill in an active alternate (external domain) e-mail address which will be used to retrieve password


         - Click "email me" and a verification code will be sent to your alternate email you just wrote, go get the code and then fill it in and Click "Verify".



- then Finish the whole setup


Now you are done with setting up alternate contacting methods to reset your password.