ITCC Council
Prof. Saeb Khreisat (Chair)
JUST President
Prof. Ismail Hmeidi
Dean of CIT, JUST
Prof. Shadi Al Jawarneh
Director of ITCC, JUST
Dr. Abdallah Alma'aitah
Assistant Professor
Dr. Ghazi Al-joboor
Chairman of the Board – CEO Telecommunications Regulatory Commission
Mr. Faisal Ababneh
Director of Financial Affairs
Eng. Emran Al-Shahrouri
Director of Information and Communication Technology
National Center for Security and Crises Management
Eng. Fadi Sodah
Director of ITC Department, Amman Stock Exchange
Mr. Majdi Smirat
Executive IT Director, Central Bank of Jordan
Eng. Abdelsalam Al-Rjoub
Director of CIT Infrastructure