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Video conferencing is an interactive form of real-time communication that uses screens, in addition to a sound link. This TV-style linking allows you to hold meetings, discussions and give presentations without having to leave your place of work, helping you to save time and money.

To support life distance learning CIC has been providing and running the following video conferencing systems types:
4. Sony.
The CIC has been using the internet protocols like VoIP and ISDN.
Lots of courses were given with contribution with other local and international universities. In addition, many specialized scientific lectures in different field where held.
1. Several medical conferences were held.
2. A graduate course was taught through video conferencing sessions in corporation with University of Arizona.
3. A video conference was held with the North Carolina nuclear reactor by the nuclear engineering department in JUST.
4. Lots of technical workshops conferences were made with the European Union countries.
5. The National Education course was taught in corporation with other Jordanian universities through video conferencing sessions.

 The bandwidth shaper is used to guarantee the quality of video while running.