Training Courses
The Center of Excellence for Innovative Projects organizing a workshop entitled "From Idea to Application" In cooperation with the platform for integrating academia and industry

On Wednesday, January 10, 2024, the Center of Excellence for Innovative Projects organized a training workshop for students with creative ideas entitled "From Idea to Application" in cooperation with the Academy for Integration with Industry Platform (JAIP). The workshop was opened by the Center's Director, Professor Muhannad Quwaider, who welcomed the participating students. A summary of the services provided at the center and the technical, technical and material support provided to transform the idea into a startup company.

The workshop was presented by Dr. Khaled Khreisat, founder and CEO of the Academy-Industry Integration Platform (JAIP), where he presented an overview of how to manufacture cosmetics and nutritional supplements and obtain the necessary licenses from the Food and Drug Administration and the importance of trading them in the markets legally. Emphasis was placed on the importance of evaluating ideas before turning them into pioneering projects. In addition to offering the opportunity to launch a program to receive students' creative ideas in the field of life sciences and how to transform them into realistic projects, the company will provide technical support to help the owners of the ideas that are selected develop applicable business models in the industrial sector, and the focus in the first phase will be on self-similar products. Application in the life sciences sector such as: cosmetics, medical supplies, detergents and nutritional supplements industries.

It is worth noting that JAIP is the first online academic-industrial business platform in the region that enables life sciences industries to benefit from researchers' project results and competencies through dynamic consensus models and allows academic researchers to connect with life sciences industry partners simply and efficiently. JAIP bridges the gap between academia and industry through its unique networking model and use of local resources to solve problems.