Training Courses
The Center of Excellence for Innovative Projects organizing a workshop entitled "Global Carbon Strategy

Organized by the Center of Excellence for Innovative Projects, a training workshop was held on Tuesday, January 9, 2024, entitled "Global Carbon Strategy." It targeted students of the College of Engineering in its various specializations and various years of study. The workshop aims to raise awareness of the problem of the spread of carbon dioxide. Carbon in the atmosphere, finding solutions to it, and introducing the global strategy to confront the problem.

The workshop was opened by the Center's Director, Professor Muhannad Quwaider, who welcomed the participants and provided them with a summary of the services provided at the Center and the technical, technical and material support provided to transform the idea into a startup company on the ground.

The workshop was presented by Engineer Samer Zawaideh, lecturer at Al-Hussein Technical University, and former president of the Society of Energy Engineers.