Training Courses
The Center of Excellence for Innovative Projects organizing a workshop entitled "Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Projects Design"

On Wednesday, 3/1/2024, the Excellence Center for Innovative Projects organized a training workshop entitled "Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Projects Design" It is an intensive workshop on designing photovoltaic stations connected to the electrical network, centering around many topics, the most important of which are:

  • Stages of implementing PV Projects and understanding various work sections.
  • Scientific fundamentals of photovoltaic systems.
  • Types of grid-connected photovoltaic Projects.
  • Types of metallic structures for PV Projects.
  • Designing a 0.25MW Project manually using Excel.
  • Modeling and simulating Projects using PVsyst software.
  • Essential skills for recent graduates to enter the job market.

The workshop, which targets students of the College of Engineering, aims to teach students how to design photovoltaic projects and provide them with the skills necessary for a newly graduated engineer. It was presented by engineer Rashid Al-Baraka from SEPCOIII, who is an expert in the field of photovoltaic systems in several international companies for more than five years.