Training Courses
The Center of Excellence for Innovative Projects and the IEEE Computer Society organized a training workshop in cooperation with the Hackerspace-JUST club under the title: Wireless watch: Exploring Wi-fi Hacking and Secure Surfing: Encrypting over the Web

On Sunday 12/31/2023, the IEEE Society Branch of the Jordan University of Science and Technology is hosting a concert organized by the Center of Excellence for Innovative Projects, organized by the IEEE Society, the branch of the Jordan University of Science and Technology, on Sunday 12/31/2023, a concert organized with the "Hackerspace-JUST" club under the title:

"Wireless Watch: Exploring Wi-Fi Hacking and Safe Browsing: Encryption Across the Web"

For several axes, including:

- Protocols used in encrypting wireless networks.

- Ways to protect the Wi-Fi network.

- Encryption methods and protocols used by web browsers.

Where Professor Muhannad Qwaider, Director of the Center of Excellence for Innovative Projects, welcomed the participants with a summary of the most important services provided by the Center, the assistants advised them to benefit from the workshop and the opportunities provided by the Center for incubating creative ideas, and participated in the technical and logistical support to reach them on the ground.

Then he mentioned that this workshop will be held for a period of four months and ends on 1/2/2024, and this workshop will submit applications from: Abdullah Al-Ashqar, Laith Al-Gharaibeh, Bishr Al-Azza, and Hashem Al-Salhi from the HackerSpace-JUST group, which is a student group in the cyber field.