Training Courses
The Center of Excellence for Innovative Projects organized an introductory workshop for the “Our Success” project, affiliated with Plan International Jordan

An introductory workshop was held at the Center of Excellence for Innovative Projects on Thursday, 11/23/2023, for the "Our Success" project, affiliated with Plan International Jordan, where the program aims to empower young people, especially young girls and young women, to become economically and socially active elements in a comprehensive, supportive environment where young people and entrepreneurs are educated. Through a comprehensively designed program in entrepreneurship, it takes entrepreneurs on a journey from building skills, guiding and planning the establishment of their businesses towards choosing professional service providers to achieve their goals and providing the necessary training for students on entrepreneurship skills and knowing the needs of young students and emerging companies at every stage of the year. Stages of development in the universities targeted by the program.

It is worth noting that the entrepreneurial students who are selected during the stages and have ideas for their projects receive basic entrepreneurship training, in order to support them in submitting a business plan and presenting a brief presentation of the project idea in order to obtain a financial grant ranging from (500-15,000) Jordanian dinars and technical support to become Over time, they are able to start their own businesses for emerging and existing companies that emerge from their ideas, initiatives and creativity, provide job opportunities for young people, contribute to reducing the unemployment rate, and contribute to the program to accelerate the sustainable development goals for small and medium enterprises.