Training Courses
Conclusion of the training workshop entitled (Technological innovation and economic growth in the context of health care)

On Thursday, 10/12/2023, the activities of the training workshop entitled (Technological Innovation and Economic Growth in the Context of Health Care) organized by the Center of Excellence for Innovative Projects, which was held at the Center for 12 hours over six days, was concluded. The training program was presented by Mr. Muhannad Al-Arqan from the University of Sfax/Tunisia, Master's in Health Economics. The workshop addressed a group of issues taking place in the contemporary global arena related to the economics of technological innovation, in particular technological innovation/the health care services sector.

The Director of the Center, Professor Muhannad Quwaider, in the presence of the Deputy Director, Dr. Tamara Alathamneh, handed over certificates to the 24 participants in the workshop, and provided a detailed explanation of the services provided at the Center to encourage the participants to benefit from those services.

​It is worth noting that organizing such free workshops comes within the center's policy of spreading the culture of entrepreneurship and creativity to university students and the local community alike.