Training Courses
Launching the activities of the training workshop entitled (Technological innovation and economic growth in the context of health care) at the Center of Excellence for Innovation Projects

The activities of the training workshop entitled (Technological Innovation & Economic Growth in the Healthcare Context) were launched on Sunday, October 1, 2023, at the Center of Excellence for Innovative Projects, delivered by Mr. Mohannad Al-Arqan from the University of Sfax/Tunisia, Master of Health Economics. This workshop addresses a group One of the issues in the contemporary global arena related to the economics of technological innovation, in particular technological innovation/the health care services sector.

The workshop activities were opened by the Center Director, Professor Muhannad Quwaider, who welcomed the participants and advised them to benefit as much as possible from the valuable information presented in the workshop. The objectives and themes of the workshop were presented by Mr. Al-Arqan, and the topic of innovation as a driver of economic growth and the concept of economic growth were discussed within two tracks: A social historical path and a standard technical path, in addition to the impact of the industrial revolution on economic growth, the concept of great enrichment, and the challenges facing health care today. The topic of intellectual property and patents was also discussed.

It is worth noting that the workshop activities will be held for 12 hours over six days, during the period from 1 to 12/10/2023.