Training Courses
Organizing a workshop entitled "Ready Doctor One"

On Wednesday, 8/23/2023, the Excellence Center for Innovative Projects organized a training workshop entitled "Ready Doctor One", under the supervision of the Anatomy Department / College of Medicine at the University of Science and Technology, and in the presence of a number of faculty members from the Anatomy Department and the Deanship of the College of Medicine, and in cooperation with Petra Drug Store, Jusoor Lab And 3D Organon. The workshop aims to form a nucleus that helps measure the benefits of virtual world technology for its appropriate application in teaching medical sciences such as anatomy, surgical techniques, clinical care simulation and interpretation of radiological images. The workshop targeted medical students from different academic years.

This workshop was presented by the student, Zuhdi Mohammad Badwan, specializing in Medicine and Surgery / Faculty of Medicine, where he trained the students to master the skill of using virtual world technology in anatomy.

It is worth noting that such workshops support the practical side and refine training skills to develop the creative side of students.