Training Courses
Concluding the activities of the training workshop (Introduction to Arduino) to support pioneering ideas in the technical field

On Monday, March 13th 2023, it was concluded in the Center of Excellence for Innovative Projects the activities of the training workshop entitled (Introduction to Arduino) to support pioneering ideas in the technical field. The workshop lasted for 27 hours over nine days. The training was provided by students from the Department of Computer Engineering in the College of Computer and Information Technology: Malik Salama, Lima Hamad and Muhammad Al-Syouf. Several electronic and software topics were covered in this training, including practical exercises in:

* Arduino Board

* Digital and Analog signals and pins

* Leds, resistors, breadboards

* Sensors (Infrared, ultrasonic, temp, humidity, water, gas, etc..)

* IR Transmitter Remote and Receiver

* Displays (7-segment and LCD)

* Joystick, relay modules and RGB Leds

* Motors (Stepper, servo and DC)

This workshop comes within the center's policy of spreading the culture of leadership and raising the level of creativity and innovation among university students. Such training workshops are considered one of the effective methods that stimulate students' creativity.

The Director of the Center, Prof. Dr. Muhannad Quwaider, handed over the certificates to the participants, and urged them to work more on developing themselves and their skills.