Training Courses
Feasibility study course for creative projects

The Center of Excellence for Innovative Projects offers a series of administrative courses to distinguished stude​nts enrolled in the center. The goal behind giving them these courses is to develop their administrative skills and introduce them to the requirements of administrative practical life and the requirements for establishing projects. Among these courses is the course for studying the economic feasibility of projects, which was given by Mr. Hassan Al-Amour. Starting from Thursday 4/27 until 5/4/2017.

The course included main topics such as the diagnostic study of project ideas and choosing the best, then the initial study of the project, which includes a study of its legal, political, social and technical-technological environments. The market was also studied and its basic elements were addressed, such as supply and demand, the challenges facing the marketing process, and the marketing mix.

In addition to the main factors influencing the marketing activity, the technical study of the project was moved, and it dealt with the main elements represented by the product, the manufacturing method, machinery and equipment, and other elements. Finally, this information was used in the technical study, to prepare tables useful in the financial study of the project in terms of costs. This was addressed in the financial study, where the founding, capital, and operational costs were studied.