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Company name:

Fifa 21 free





Total number of your company/agency employees:

51 – 100 years

How long have you been hiring JUST graduates?

3 – 5 years

The number of JUST graduates employed at your company is:


Please briefly specify the nature of work for the graduate (s):


Please specify the average salary for the graduate(s):


JUST graduate is a loyal employee


JUST graduate assumes leadership role


JUST graduate performs duties  with  quality and integrity


JUST graduate is  innovative


English communication  skills of the JUST graduate is enough for the job


JUST graduate is well cultured


JUST graduate is willing to learn new skills while on the job


There is consistency between courses at the University and the nature of the work in the organization


JUST graduate obeyed to current company's regulations, policies and procedures


JUST graduate follows work ethics


JUST graduate demonstrates critical thinking skills


JUST graduate shows progress and potential for advancement


JUST graduate works effectively under pressure


JUST graduate willingly performs additional and voluntary duties/activities


JUST graduate is adaptive to change in the work environment


JUST graduate is a  team player


JUST graduate builds  excellent social relationships with his colleagues


JUST graduate is competitive in the job market


I would rate JUST graduate as an excellent employee


I would recommend JUST graduated employers to others


Other comments :

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