Facilities at PRC


PRC Facilities:

  • 36 beds in eight bedrooms in KAUH.
  • Accredited local hospital lab in KAUH.
  • Limited access pharmacy to store drugs at specified conditions.
  • ​Office facilities at the clinical site:
    • Document scanner.
    • Photocopy machine.
    • Access to an outside telephone line.
    • Archiving room.
    • Adequate space to conduct the monitoring visits.
    • Computer -connected to high-speed internet.
    • Direct access to source documents /data (including electronic medical charts and report ) to monitors, auditors, and Inspectors.
  • ​Accredited Bio-analytical labs: Three major labs that are located in JUST. Labs are equipped with updated equipment for bioanalytical analysis including LC-MS-MS, GC-MS, HPLC, FTIR, PXRD, DSC, TG.
  • A​nimal House Facilities at JUST. ​
  • I​nstitutional Review Board /Independent Ethics Committee (IRB):

​P​​resence of a local IRB ​committee settled in KAUH ​which is accredited by JFDA, facilitate approval for clinical studies with approval time that does not exceed one month. ​

University Bank​ Accounts

B​ankIBAN​Account Number​
​​Cairo Amman Bank / JOD​JO91CAAB1300000000090003424838​090003424838​
​​Cairo Amman Bank / USD​JO69CAAB1300000000090003424846​​​090003424846​​​
Cairo Amman Bank / Euro​​JO47CAAB1300000000090003424854​​090003424854​​
​Ara​​​b Bank / JOD​JO25 ARAB 1200 0000 0012 0059 640700​​

Internal PRC-JUST Accoun​t Number : 511593


​For further information on an​​y of the services mentioned above or for other service, please contact us.