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Division of Supplies

Osama Alrawashdeh, Chief

Functions of the Division:

  1. Preparation estimates of the needs of the center of the materials and equipment taking into account available stock, and proposal of a purchase time-plan in order to achieve optimal use of  inventory levels according to the DTC general budget.
  2. Review the needs and the provision of materials for all sections of the DTC through tenders and purchase orders, and delivery of materials after entering them into the custody of the center according to a coding system, in accordance with an input document.
  3. Cooperation with the Maintenance Division to determine the needs of the center of the spare parts needed and providing related work orders.
  4. Maintenance of the status of stock levels of materials and spare parts of equipment, and control of material consumption and preventing occurrence of stagnant material, through the application of inspection measures on material stock.
  5. Participation in committees to study bids and purchase orders by the Technical Committee, and participation in committees to ensure that requested materials are supplied according to exact specifications, after receipt, these are acknowledged, coded and classified.
  6. Delivery of materials and spare parts under requests for supplies, and providing necessary certified output documents.
  7. Monthly inventory/record of materials and matching that with the warehouse material record (stock) and notification to the Director of any deficiency in stock- through reporting the status of the stock with reference to expiry dates near completion- in order to make use of them if feasible, in addition to materials of minimal consumption.
  8. Organizing items on the shelves and continuously making sure they are in adequate conditions in terms of cleanliness and are stored under specified storage conditions.
  9. Performing any other job when entrusted by the director of the DTC.