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Reception, Medical Records and Accounting Section

Waleed Mansour Ahmed Al-Ababneh.JPG‚Äč

Waleed Al-Ababneh, Chief
Reception, Medical Records and Accounting Section



  1. Receive patients and respond to their questions and queries.
  2. Receiving daily revenue and resetting funds at the end of each working day, and depositing funds at the DTC bank account.
  3. Preparation of financial claims/invoices and collection of the amounts owed to the DTC.
  4. Preparation of a monthly record of DTC revenues and coordination with the Finance Unit at JUST to distribute faculty members private work income.
  5.  Answering the phone and diverting calls to those of concern and booking appointments for patients over the phone for specialty clinics.
  6. Download doctors clinical bookings on the computer system.
  7. Book appointments for patients who personally request an appointment at the specialty clinics through the reception desk.
  8. Cancellation or postponement of appointments based upon specialist request.
  9. Print-out of patient appointment list at private and teaching clinics with financial-claims on the day before.
  10. Querying the file numbers of patients by name.
  11. Initiating files for patients of private and teaching clinics by requesting patient's name indicated by 4 initials, the national and phone number and saving them to a special computer database.
  12. Monitoring computer screen to output files requested from teaching clinics.
  13. Distribution of serial numbers to patients the initial treatment unit (ITU) clinic.


II. Medical Records

  1. Extraction of patient files for private and teaching clinics appointments.
  2. Sending files to private and teaching clinics before the start of the clinic.
  3. All files are returned from the clinic every day and are archived in the right place.
  4. Inventory and discarding of old files (over 7 years) at the end of each semester.
  5. Receive patients and respond to their questions and queries.
  6. Filing the Ministry of Health claims after patient treatment.