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Medical Equipment Maintenance Section

Mohamed Ali Salem Deeb Alkhateeb.JPG‚Äč

Mohamed Alkhateeb, Chief

Medical Equipment Maintenance Section


1. Repair of equipment of the DTC.

2. Implementation of preventive maintenance programs for all equipment of the center.

3. Preparation of annual lists of spare-parts required for various equipment of the center.

4. Preparation of tender specifications for DTC and follow-up with the Department of Tenders in terms of the study, supply, installation and operation.

5. Follow-up administrative and technical matters related to corporate supplier of guaranteed devices.

6. Fix of certain structural issues in the DTC.

7. Preparation and follow-up of maintenance requests related to DTC and its divisions with the Operating & Maintenance Unit at JUST, and running its implementation.

8. Follow-up of requests for supplies and spare parts with the Central Supplies Unit at JUST.

9. Arrangement of charts and graphics of annual requirements of the DTC including wood and metal work and production of processing requests and follow up of their implementation and installation with the Engineering-Workshop Unit.

10. Preparation of  schemes for construction projects for the DTC, follow-up of their execution with the Engineering-Workshop Unit.

11. Participation in the annual orientation programme for fourth year students in dentistry.