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Mohammad AlDardoor, Chief

Laboratories division

Laboratories division duties:

1. Receipt of impressions from the clinic and both electronic and hard copy documentation in the special records and ensuring invoice is paid before delivery to the clinic.

2. Manufacture of fixed and removable prostheses and orthodontic appliances.

3. Training intern and dental technology students.

4. Maintaining a clean working environment and corroboration with the lab-cleaners.

5. Sustaining laboratory equipment and instruments in terms of cleanliness and primary maintenance and reporting any damage to the Maintenance Division when they occur.

6. Inspecting stock materials and filling orders for supplies as needed.

7. Compliance with public safety requirements in the laboratory such as closing windows, gas outlets and water valves and unplugging any live cords.


Laboratories division is divided into 5 main sections:

1. Orthodontics laboratory

2. Crown and bridge teaching laboratory

3. Removable prosthodontics laboratory (1)

4. Removable prosthodontics laboratory (2)

Specialty clinics laboratory