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Edward Kardahji, Chief

Administration Division


I. General inbox:

1. Receive messages to the DTC from JUST presidency mail.

2. Seal inbox documents with inbox-stamp and document in the general inbox record contained and save a copy in the general inbox file.

3. Entry of inbox documents into archiving system recognized by JUST, excluding copies from the archiving system.

4. Display of mail to the director of the DTC for any written explanations including: orders, approvals or disapprovals…etc

5. Scanning and archiving inbox documents after written explanations are provided by the director of DTC.

6. Documents are distributed to those concerned according to explanations supplied by the director of the DTC.


II. Issued mail (outbox):

1. Based on the recommendations of the director of the DTC, the administration division chief personal executes outgoing letters and documents.

2. Letters and documents are printed by the secretary.

3. Letters and documents are proof-read by the administration division chief personal.

4. Administration division chief personal displays the letters and documents to the director for verification.

5. The secretary amends any adjustments noted by the DTC director.

6. The DTC director signs the document.

7. The administration personnel labels the document with a serial number from  the issued-mail-record as well as recording the date of issue in the document and in the record.

8. The document is issued according to JUST archiving system and a copy is kept in the issued- issued-mail-record/file.

9. Issued documents are sent in a car to related authorities.