Distribution Ceremony for the participants of the “Comprehensive Civil Defense training course” - occupational safety and health
18 May 2022

Certificates were distributed for the participants of the training course: "The Comprehensive Civil Defense Course", which was held in cooperation with the Directorate of Public Security - Civil Defense through the Consultative Center for Science and Technology during the period from 13-24/3/2022, with a total of (40) forty training hours.

In general, the training course included the following topics:

1. First aid

2. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation in infants, children and adults

3. Bleeding, wounds and their first aid

4. Poisoning and dealing with its various cases

5. Fractures and their first aid

6. Extinguishing the fire and using extinguishers, in addition to practical training

7. Evacuation: Explanation and Practical training


It is worth mentioning that this course will be the beginning of a series of training courses targeting graduate students, technicians and laboratory supervisors whose work or study requires dealing with the laboratories to avoid any accident.