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M.Sc of Natural resources & environment - SOIL WATER & ENVIRONMENT (2017)
Department Compulsory Req. (16) Hours:
Line No.CodeCourseHoursPrerequisiteTeaching Method
627010PP701 experimental design and statistical analysis 3Blended
617010AP701 experimental design & statistical analysis 3EquivalentOn Campus
677010NR701 advanced soil physics 3On Campus
647010NR701 advanced soil physics 3EquivalentOn Campus
677110NR711 advanced soil chemistry 3On Campus
647110NR711 advanced soil chemistry 3EquivalentOn Campus
677220NR722 advanced environmental microbiology 3On Campus
647220NR722 advanced environmental microbiology 3EquivalentOn Campus
677440NR744 management of water quality 3On Campus
647440NR744 management of water quality 3EquivalentOn Campus
677910NR791 seminar 1On Campus
647910NR791 seminar 1EquivalentOn Campus

Department Elective Req. (9) Hours:
Line No.CodeCourseHoursPrerequisiteTeaching Method
237541CE754 chemistry for environmental engineers 3---Blended
237551CE755 physical and chemical processes 3---On Campus
627130PP713 field crops management 3---On Campus
627210PP721 advanced vegetable production 3On Campus
627211PP721 advanced vegetable crops 3EquivalentOn Campus
627220PP722 advanced fruit production 3On Campus
627221PP722 advanced fruit crops 3EquivalentOn Campus
627310PP731 advanced plant nutrition 3---On Campus
677020NR702 soil and soil moisture management 3On Campus
647020NR702 soil and soil moisture management 3EquivalentOn Campus
677320NR732 advanced pedology 3On Campus
647320NR732 advanced pedology 3EquivalentOn Campus
677330NR733 soil survey and land use 3On Campus
647330NR733 soil survey and land use 3EquivalentOn Campus
677350NR735 advanced soil fertility 3On Campus
647350NR735 advanced soil fertility 3EquivalentOn Campus
677410NR741 surface water hydrology 3On Campus
647410NR741 surface water hydrology 3EquivalentOn Campus

Specialization Compulsory Req. (9) Hours:
Line No.CodeCourseHoursPrerequisiteTeaching Method
677996NR799A master thesis 9On Campus
647996NR799A master thesis 9EquivalentOn Campus
677997NR799B master thesis 6On Campus
647997NR799B master thesis 6EquivalentOn Campus
677998NR799C master thesis 3On Campus
647998NR799C master thesis 3EquivalentOn Campus
677999NR799D master thesis 0On Campus
647999NR799D master thesis 0EquivalentOn Campus