CPE 746: Real-time Embedded Systems Design

Fall Term 2007

Jordan University of Science and Technology-JUST



  • Class room is: C2011
  • My office hours: Sun, Tue: 10:15-11:15, Thru: 10:15:1:15, Mon: 1:15-2:15. Or by appointment.
  • VHDL Tutorial
  • Get Started with ModelSim. Thanks to Abdelrahman Abu ELhaj
  • Download Miktex  (PC version of Latex) from http://www.miktex.org/. And the text editor: Winedt form http://www.winedt.com/ . Install Miktex first!
  • Latex Tutorial
  • VHDL Examples
  • The Synthesizer:  Xilinx ISE Foundation
  • A Latex Examples shows how to include .eps figure into your document.
  • The project details are posted on the web. Please read it.
  • My office Hours: Sun, Tue:10:15-11:15, Mon: 1:15-2:15, and Thru:10:15-2:15pm or by appointment.
  • Today ensha'lah we will continue from were we stopped, and talk about the project.
  • There will be NO class today (Monday 8/10/2007). I will make it up for you later ensha'lah.
  • The presentations are uploaded now.
  • There will be NO class tomorrow (Monday 31/12/2007), last day of the year-have fun.
  • The final All the presentations are included in the final exam. it will be open notes as it was with the midterm.



Motivation and Objectives:

Welcome to the Embedded System Design course.  This course covers the principles of real-time and embedded systems inherent in many hardware platforms and applications being developed for engineering and science as well as for ubiquitous systems, including robotics and manufacturing, interactive and multimedia, immersive and omnipresent applications. As part of this course, students will learn about real-time and quality of service system principles, understand real-time operating systems and the resource management and quality of service issues that arise, and construct sample applications on representative platforms.

Homework Assignment

Homework assignments can  be submitted by e-mail to: tawalbeh@just.edu.jo, (but hardcopies are also accepted).  Please name your file as your last name followed by homework number, followed by course number (746), for example, tawalbeh-hw1-746.pdf.
Also make sure that your name and number is printed within the homework file.

Design Project

Click the link for the project Design Specifications document.


  • TBA

Plan of the Course-Slides

  • Week 1: Introduction and general overview of the course.
  • Week 2: Types of  Real-Time Embedded Systems Slides 1
  • Week 3: Hard vs Soft RTS, and examples Slides 2
  • Week 4: Single Purpose Processors Chapter 2
  • Week 5: General purpose processor-Software Chapter 3
  • Week 6: Scheduling Algorithms and Deterministic Behavior Presentation by  Ghassan and Anas

  • Week 7: Task Synchronization Presentation  by Jamil and Suhaib,
  • Week 8: Memory Management by Hala Obaidat and Salam Almendel Presentation
  •             : VHDL (NOT for beginners) By Rabee3 Shatnawi and Rami Haddad Presentation
  • Week 9: Interfacing By khalid abu Mhameed and Noh Khalid Presentation
  •             : PIC microcontroller  By Fadi Ghanim and Rami AlShaikh Presentation
  • Week 10: Peripherals By Muna Aldurra and Rasha Ababseh Presentation
  • Week 11: Real-time Data basis By Maisa Khudair and Gharam Eskafi  Presentation
  • Week 12: Finite State Machines: By Husain Salim and Tariq Alawneh  Presentation
  • Week 13: Design Technology, By Hasan Amansreh and Tamer Alzoubi Presentation
  • Week 14: RTES Security, By Mohmad mazaydeh, Shihab Khatab and Sami Abu Nawas Presentation
  • Week 15: Final exam

Presentations from Previous Semesters


  • Embedded System Design: A Unified Hardware/Software Introduction.
    By: Frank Vahid and Tony Givargis
  • Or any text book in embedded systems will work

Grading Policy

  • Assignments and presentations: 20 %
  • Midterm: 25 %
  • Project: 30 %
  • Final : 25%


This class is open to all graduate students.

Dr. Lo'ai A. Tawalbeh

21November  2008