iss 6753: Security Risk Analysis

ISS 6753: Security Risk Analysis

Fall Term 2007

Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences (AABFS)


  • Class room is: Room 28
  • Meeting time:  SAT 12::00-3:00 pm
  • The articles/presentations  are posted on the web.

Reading Assignments

  • The reading assignments will be distributed in the class/by email


  • The final exam will be a take home exam.

Course Description

This course examines the issuers related to the analysis, administration and management of security risks facing enterprise information systems and networks using  various practical and theoretical tools. It aims at providing knowledge and skill sets required to assume the overall responsibilities of administration and management of security of an enterprise information system.  The types of analysis includes vulnerability analysis, penetration testing and audit trail analysis.


This course is open to all graduate students

Course Topics/Handouts/Presentations:

  • An overview of  the course objectives Chapter 0

  • Importance of security and related issues-introduction to risk analysis Ch1
  • Security Planning Ch2
  • Contingency Planning Ch3
  • Risk Identification Ch4

Presentations By Students: Fall 2007

Presentations By Students: Spring 2007



  •  Management of Information Security, M. E. Whitman, H. J.Mattord
  •  Guide to Disaster Recovery, M. Erbschilde
  •  Guide to Network Defense and Countermeasures, G. Holden
  •  Computer Security: Art and Science, Matt Bishop (ISBN: 0-201-44099-7), Addison-Wesley 2003.


Grading Policy

  • Assignments and Presentations : 25 %  
  • Midterm: 25 %
  • Final: 50 %

Dr. Lo'ai A. Tawalbeh

3 June 2007