EE213: Circuits Lab Contents

Prof. M. S. Al Salameh

Announcements and questions:

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Lab Experiments:

1.     Introduction to DC laboratory test and measurement equipment: DC power supply and Digital Multimeter. (Part of experiment 1A in the manual)

2.     Resistors, Potentiometers and Rheostats. (Experiment 2 in the manual)

3.     DC circuit measurements: Kirchhoff's current and voltage laws, series, parallel and series-parallel circuits. (Experiment 3A in the manual)

4.     DC circuit measurements: Current-limited DC power supply characteristics, ammeter and the voltmeter. (Experiment 3B in the manual)

5.     DC circuit analysis: Mesh and nodal analysis, superposition, Thevenin and maximum power transfer theorems, source transformations. (Experiment 4 in the manual)

6.     Introduction to AC laboratory test and measurement equipment: Function Generator and Oscilloscope.  (Experiment 1B and parts of experiments 1A and 3B in the manual)

7.     Inductance and capacitance I-V relations, RL and RC circuit transients. (Experiment 5A in the manual)

8.     Sinusoidal AC circuit measurements: Phase angle, average power and power factor, phasors, Thevenin and maximum power -transfer theorems. (Experiment 6 in the manual)

9.     Series and parallel resonance: Impedance and current response, resonant and half-power frequencies, bandwidth, quality factor. (Experiment 7 in the manual)

10.  RLC circuit transients: the under-damped, critically-damped, and over-damped cases. (Experiment 5B in the manual)

Grading System:

       Laboratory work (PreLab  + Postlab)             5 + 15

       Quizzes                                                          15

       Midterm Exam                                              25

       Final Exam                                                     40