Welcome To Our Unit
The students related affairs are centered at this Unit. It actively participates in enactment, amendment and implementation of decisions, rules, and regulations related to admission, registration and awarding academic degrees to students.

The following duties are entrusted to this Unit:

  • Participating in the unified committee for admission at the Jordanian Universities.
  • Taking all necessary procedures and arrangements for the admission of the students.
  • Keeping full records of the students academic progress.
  • Preparing statistics and reports related to students.
  • Preparing timetables for lectures and examinations.
  • Providing transcripts of students who are on grants for their sponsoring agencies.
  • Implementing all procedures and regulations necessary for the registration process.
  • Review of the study-plans for students expected to graduate at any academic course.
  • Checking the students fees paid to the finance in coordination with the Financial Affairs Unit.
  • Responsibility of preparing all publications related to the departments activities.
  • Implementing the instructions of awarding the University degrees, and issuing transcripts and diplomas.
  • Issuing clearance certificates for graduates.
  • Preparing the Annual Academic Calendar.
  • Participating in the activities and celebration of granting the academic awards for the students who are on the honour lists, in addition to full preprations for the annual graduation cermony.
The Unit includes two admission departments, six registration sections and two other sections concerned with students transfer, academic calendar, examinations and information.
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