The Help Desk office  provides support to students, faculty, and staff seeking problem resolution with supported software, hardware, and operating systems, including general IT services provided by the University. Our goal is to resolve all supported issues in a timely manner. Service is our central focus.

The Help Desk office covers a wide variety of activities including:

  • To provide a visible and proactive avenue of help for students, faculty, and staff.
  • To provide support and maintenance for computers and Peripherals .
  • To provide support for user account maintenance.
  • To provide support for wireless settings.
  • Support on a wide range of applications including MS Windows (10, 8.1, 7), Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, Antivirus

Our Staff

Ibrahim Al-nassar ibrahimn@just.edu.jo Ext: 22000
Ashraf Athamneh aiathamnah@just.edu.jo Ext: 500
Mo’ad Shatnawi msshatnawi5@just.edu.jo Ext: 23921
Ziad Al-Khamayseh ziadmkh@just.edu.jo Ext: 23923
Hussam Hadidi hmhadidi@just.edu.jo Ext: 23342
Wael Al-Halbi walhalbi@just.edu.jo Ext: 23923
Khalid jaber khalid_hj@just.edu.jo Ext: 26760
Mohammed Al-Tawalbeh mt@just.edu.jo Ext: 26760
Sameer Salman sasalman@just.edu.jo Ext: 23385
Wael Alsaleh wialsaleh@just.edu.jo Ext: 23385