Kaunas College


Kauno Kolegija​/ University of Applied Sciences is a state – owned institution providing higher education in the areas of technologies, social sciences, biomedicine, humanities and arts. It is one of the biggest institutions of higher education not only in Lithuania, but in the whole Baltic Region.

Kauno Kolegija actively contributes to implementing the state regional development policy -study programmes are realised not only in Kaunas but also in Kedainiai, Druskininkai and Taurage. All together it offers over 40 study programmes. More than 8000 students are currently studying and approximately 600 teachers are currently working here.

auno kolegija / University of Applied Sciences was established on 1 September 2000 after the binary higher education system consisting of two types of higher education provided by colleges and universities was introduced in Lithuania.

In 2005 a group of experts appointed by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania assessed the achievements and progress of the institution following the evaluation procedure established by the law and gave excellent evaluation scores. After the accreditation Kauno kolegija / University of Applied Sciences was granted the right to award Professional Bachelor’s Diploma and Diploma Supplement complying with European Higher Education requirements.

Today Kauno kolegija / University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest colleges in Lithuania, with a community about 73 000 students and about 1000 employees.