Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus

The Piraeus University of Applied Sciences​ also known as Technological Education Institute of Piraeus was created by a special law in 1976 as a merging result of the "Anastasiadis School" (founded in 1947) and the "Sivitanidios School" (founded in 1957), and was established with the 1983 related law (Ν.1404/1983). The University provides a high level of technological education and applied research in the equivalent taught areas. The Piraeus University of Applied Sciences offers more than twenty different degrees ranging from the fields of applied science and Engineering to those in Economics and Business Administration.

Reserving standing partnerships with other domestic or foreign educational and research institutions, Piraeus University of Applied Sciences continuously improves its educational level.

The Piraeus University of Applied Sciences is one of the fifteen Greek independent and self-administrated Applied Sciences Universities and is a "University of Applied Sciences" of the "Greek National System of Highest Education. Applied Sciences Universities (former: Technological Education Institutes) differ from other Greek Universities in the applied character of their studies (Laboratoreducationy Courses and Graduate Training/Internship). Applied Sciences University degrees, as well as those of the rest of the Greek Universities, are the only degrees of Highest in the country, recognized by the Greek Government and the EU. Thus, "Universities" & "Universities of Applied Sciences" graduates, may continue their studies at postgraduate level, under exactly the same conditions. The graduate programs offered by the University of Applied Sciences of Piraeus draw the attention of the management of a widely competitive and accepted by the market variety of organizations.

Active students reach a number of over 20.000 people, as the regular and temporary faculty lists 2.000. The Institution's operations are maintained by its administrative staff, which consists of ~250 people.