Utena University of Applied Sciences


Utena University of Applied Sciences is a state higher education institution offering higher college studies directed towards practical activity, applied researches and professional activities. On completion of study, the graduates are awarded the professional bachelor’s qualification degree, diploma of Higher education and Diploma Supplement which is used in European Union and where is listed the information on the contents and results gained. Graduates of Utena University of Applied Sciences have possibility to get double diploma with higher education institutions in  Latvia, Bulgaria and Great Britain.

Today the institution offers 21 study programs. Most of them are approved on the national or international levels. Study programs are well assessed by the national and international experts, theoretical knowledge and practical skills are transferred to the students by excellent professors, associated professors and professionals-practitioners. The studies executed under demand of labour market of Lithuania and European countries. Our graduates integrate into the labour market and build their professional career successfully. 9 study programs are based on modular study system with problem - based learning approach.