First Jordanian Satellite Programme

Under HRH Crown Prince Hussein’s initiative, Jordanian students in collaboration with Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) will develop the first Jordanian satellite programme in CubeSat form to be launched in 2017.

The Crown Prince Initiative aims to support the development of entrepreneurial innovative projects by Jordanian youth. The president of JUST, Professor Al-Jarrah, has confirmed that the university shall support the initiative with all available resources at its disposal to ensure the success of the project and to support the coordinators of the project to manufacture the satellite components in the university laboratories and at the Centre of Excellence for Innovation, which aims to embrace the creative Jordanian youth.

JY1-SAT is Jordan’s first satellite programme, built in the CubeSat form factor which is a miniaturised satellite used by universities worldwide as an educational and research platform. Their small size makes them efficient and inexpensive to build, launch and operate. The JY1-SAT team is a multidisciplinary team comprised entirely of students from various Jordanian universities, and a number of faculty supervisors. Several of the JY1-SAT team members are alumni of Crown Prince Foundations NASA-Jordanian internship programme.

Under the supervision of the Crown Prince Foundation, JY1-SAT will have two purposes: 1) to allow university students in Jordan to acquire knowledge in space science and space applications; 2) to set the ground for a space programme in Jordan that will be developed to have scientific and commercial targets in the near future.


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