HONET-ICT 2017 14th International Conference on Smart Cities

JUST hosts the HONET-ICT 2017 (http://honet-ict.org)

During the past decades, the Kingdom of Jordan has invested so many resources in building, expanding, and cultivating their higher education and technology sectors. In today’s world ICT enabled the global internet, intelligent electronic media, social networks, and variety of communications has permeated all walks of life. Emerging IoT and smart cities around the globe of course to permeate the region and wireless access nationwide are now connecting the world and enabling the Jordanian Universities and the private sector to be leading partners and collaborators in global research, education, and economic growth. HONET-ICT also plays an educational role among hosts and participants through collaborations with leading teams and researchers from academia, industry and government sector. For example, this year’s leading keynote presentations include speakers from USA, Canada, Australia, Pakistan and Middle-East. Several contributed papers come from SAMENA (South-Asia, Middle-East, & North-Africa) region as well as from various others distinguished speakers from around the globe.

This is the 14th International conference of its series, HONET-ICT started in Islamabad in 2004 as a NSF sponsored USPakistan International Workshop. Soon thereafter, its role expanded and emerged as a truly international conference to bring together a diverse community of professionals from academia, industry, and government functionaries from all over the world. Of course based on global economic and geo-political state, the number of participants and international participation may fluctuate but the focus, mission, and theme keeps evolving to introduce and address new developments and state of the art emerging technologies.

The HONET-ICT series of International Conferences (http://honet-ict.org ) is making a lasting impact on the mutual interaction and collaborative ties among the global communities. Its vision shines through the clouds of difficulties and challenges — “To bring together professionals and practitioners from the academia, industry and government functionaries from around the world, with a goal of sharing knowledge and experience in the field of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) for global partnerships and collaborations aiding economic growth to support peace and prosperity.” Over the years, thousands of participants both directly and indirectly have been apprised of the cutting-edge research and development in Information and Communications as well as Emerging and Enabling Technologies. Among the delegates and attendees, young professionals, faculty, and graduate students of both genders participate in the high-caliber international discourse, and are motivated for international and mutual collaborations. Although HONET-ICT scope has broadened from Networks, Energy and e-Applications centric themes to emerging/enabling applications from IoT to Smart Grids and Smart Cities; now it impacts other fields, e.g., Network Security, e-Healthcare, Photonics and Sensing, eScience, e-Business, e-Healthcare, Distance Education, and Environmental Research.

Prof. M. Yasin Akhtar Raja (Steering Chair), UNC Charlotte, NC, USA; Prof. Ahmed Kamal (General Chair), Iowa State University, Ames, IA, USA; Dr. Basheer Al-Duwairi (Int’l. General Chair), Jordan University of Sci. & Technology, Irbid, Jordan. Dr. Syed Ali Haider (Publication Chair), Computing & IT Dept., University of Jeddah, KSA. ​

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