Mitigation of store and flood reflective denial of service attacks (2016)
Mohammad Amin Fraiwan, Basheer Nayef Al-Duwairi
Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Lumbar Disk Herniation (2015)
Mahmoud Abdel-Karim ALshbool, Mohammad Abdullah Alsmirat, Khaled Zayed Alawneh
Enhancing Differential Evolution with a Self-adaptive strategy for controlling the search phase (2015)
Mostafa Ziad Ali
A GPU-based breast cancer detection system using fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm (2015)
Yaser Ibrahim Jararweh, Mahmoud Abdel-Karim ALshbool
Impact of Image Compression on Fingerprint Recognition (2015)
Mohammad Abdullah Alsmirat, Mahmoud Abdel-Karim ALshbool

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