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Evaluation of the Effects of Selective Aurora Kinase A inhibitor (VX 680) on Prostate Cancer Cells Motility, Proliferation, Invasion, and Micrometastasis (2017)
Therapeutic effects of Curcumin in Letrazole induced Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in Rats (2017)
Khawla Qassim Nuseir
Evaluating the Potential Protective Effect of Vitamin E on Oxaliplatin-Induced Genotoxicity in Human Cultured Lymphocyte. (2016)
Mohammad Ali Alqudah
The Possible Effect of Heparin and Aspirin Therapy on Platelets Micro particles Level (2016)
Belal Abdelaziz Al-Husein
Evaluating drug prices, availability and affordability in Jordan. (2016)
Qais Mohammad Al-Efan