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Seasonal Variation in Flavonolignans Content of Milk Thistle (2019)
Ahmad Suleiman Alkofahi, Tamam Mohammad El-Elimat
In vitro study of the sinonasal delivery using a realistic Physical Nasal Model (2018)
Ruba Salah Darweesh
Cellular uptake of poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) nanoparticles: implications for antioxidant delivery (2018)
Evaluating the protective effect of Edaravone on cognitive impairment induced by post-traumatic stress disorder. (2018)
Karem Hasan Al-Zoubi, Mohammad Abdulhamid Al-Qudah
Preparing buccal chitosan nanoparticles and loading it with insulin using ionic gelation method. (2018)
Nusaiba Khalil Al-Nemrawi, Rami Qassim Alkhatib