Graduation Project IBME5911Compulsory Course
Statistics for Biomedical EngineersBME3013Compulsory Course
microcontrollesr and embedded systems lab BME4641Compulsory Course
Artificial OrgansBME5543Track Elective Course
Cell and Molecular BiotechnologyBME5563Track Elective Course
BioMEMS and NanotechnologyBME5503Track Elective Course
Medical Informatics and Clinical EngineeringBME5803Track Elective Course
Healthcare Management SystemsBME5813Track Elective Course
Medical Electronics LabBME3161Compulsory Course
Physiological Fluid MechanicsBME5523Track Elective Course
Graduation Project IIBME5923Compulsory Course
Diagnostic and Therapeutic UltrasoundBME5633Track Elective Course
Tissue EngineeringBME5583Track Elective Course
Biomedical Sensors and TransducersBME4133Track Elective Course
Prosthetics and OrthoticsBME5423Track Elective Course
Biomedical Instrumentation LabBME4121Compulsory Course
Digital Image ProcessingBME5213Track  Elective Course
Biomedical Signals and SystemsBME3213Compulsory Course
Therapeutic DevicesBME5673Track  Elective Course
Medical Electronics IIBME3143Compulsory Course
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)BME5653Track  Elective Course
Engineering TrainingBME4903Compulsory Course
Biomedical Transport BME4413Compulsory Course
Seminar in Biomedical EngineeringBME5940Compulsory Course
Biosensors and measurements lab BME5111Compulsory Course
Medical Imaging SystemsBME5613Track Elective Course
BioinformaticsBME5643Track Elective Course
economic and engineering managmentbme 2022
toola for biomedical engineeringbme 2301
biofluid mechanics bme 3423compulsory
thermodynamics bme 3443compulsory
Introduction to Linear Systemsbme 2043compulsory
biomedical instrumentation bme 4113compulsory
medical electronics 1bme 3113compulsory course
biomedical engineering designbme 4663elective
Physiological Modeling and Control Systemsbme 4313compulsory
Microcontrollers and Embedded Systemsbme 4623compulsory course
introduction to biomedical materials bme 442compulsory
Digital Signal Processingbme 4213compulsory
SPECIAL TOPICSbme 590track elective course
introduction to biomedical engineering bme 201compulsory
electric circuit analysis bme 212compulsory
Control and Communication in the Nervous System bme 562track elective course
BioMechanicsbme 341compulsory
Biomechanics and biomaterials lab bme 5411compulsory