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A Clinical Study on the Learning Curves of Prosthodontic Residents Over the Use of Intra Oral Scanner (2017)
Khaled Qasem Al Hamad
An in-Vitro Study On The Surface And Mechanical Properties of Computer Aided Design\ Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD\CAM) polymethylmethacrylate. (2016)
Ziad Nawaf Al-Dwairi
The Visibility of Mandibular Canal on Orthoradial and Oblique CBCT Slices at Molar Implant Sites. (2015)
Mustafa Mahmoud Alkhader
Visibility of Mandibular Canal on Cross-Sectional CBCT Images at Impacted Mandibular Third Molar Sites. (2015)
Mustafa Mahmoud Alkhader
Light transmission through different thicknesses of bulk fill resin-based composites using single-peak and polywave light-emitting diode curing lights (2015)
Ghada Ahmad Maghaireh