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Metals and micronutrients levels and distribution in salt-affected soils of the of the Jordan Valley (2018)
Mamoun Abdullah Gharaibeh
Comparison of consumer?s perceptions of organic products between Central Illinois, US, and Amman, Jordan (2018)
Raoul Elias Nasr
Gene expression of heat shock protein gene of three strains of honey bee ( Apis mellifera L.) at different temperatures. (2017)
Abd Al-Majeed Ahmed Al-Ghzawi, Khaleel Ibrahem Jawasreh
Effect of foliar application of amino acid and micronutrient mixture on growth, yield and physiological responses in sweet peppers (Capsicum annum L.) (2017)
Maher Jamal Tadros, Ibrahim Mahmoud Makhadmeh
Effect of feeding dried distillers grains with solubles on nursing Awassi ewes and their suckling lambs. (2017)
Belal Suleiman Obeidat