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Effect of feeding dried distillers grains with solubles on nursing Awassi ewes and their suckling lambs. (2017)
Belal Suleiman Obeidat
Effect of foliar application of amino acid and micronutrient mixture on growth, yield and physiological responses in sweet peppers (Capsicum annum L.) (2017)
Maher Jamal Tadros, Ibrahim Mahmoud Makhadmeh
Alternative feeds: Effects on nursing Awassi ewes and their suckling lambs (2017)
Belal Suleiman Obeidat, Mofleh Saleh Awawdeh
Evaluation of a hydroponic system as a disposal method of treated sewage water for production of green barley forage (2016)
Ghazi Nazzal Al-Karaki
Effect of forage source on nursing performance of Awassi ewes and growth performance of growing lambs (2016)
Belal Suleiman Obeidat