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Effect of non-lethal heat stress during the egg stage on selected morphological and physiological characters of subsequent developmental stages of honey bee queens. (2020)
Abd Al-Majeed Ahmed Al-Ghzawi
Effect of Pistacia lentiscus gum (Mastic Gum) on the Gut Microbiota in the Rat (2020)
Sana Mohammad Khair Janakat, Tareq Mohammed Ibrahim Osaili
Study the effect of the administration of a combination of the polyphenols kaempferol, genistein, or sulforaphane on blood glucose control (2018)
Metals and micronutrients levels and distribution in salt-affected soils of the of the Jordan Valley (2018)
Mamoun Abdullah Gharaibeh
Comparison of consumer?s perceptions of organic products between Central Illinois, US, and Amman, Jordan (2018)
Raoul Elias Nasr