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utilization of lupine flour, flaxseed flour and resistant starch to develop a highly nutritious cinnamon roll for celiac disease patients (2015)
Sofyan Sulieman Maghaydah
Potential uses of Treated Wastewater to irrigate Squash plants (2015)
Ibrahim Mahmoud Makhadmeh
Effect of yeast supplementation (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) on growth performance and carcass characteristics of fattening Awassi lambs (2015)
Belal Suleiman Obeidat
The effect of drying and freezing on physiochemical properties, phenolic compounds, flavonoids, anti-oxidants, and anthocyanins in Jew's mallow and okra during storage (2015)
Taha Mohammad Rababah
utilization of resistant starch, lupin and buckwheat to develop a high nutritional value gluten free cracker (2015)
Sofyan Sulieman Maghaydah